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Estate Planning

As your Covington, LA estate lawyer, the Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC can help you establish plans for the future. Whether you have a wealth of property and assets to protect or are looking to make plans that ensure your family is provided for, our office provides advice and guidance to establish legal documents and ongoing help for necessary changes and amendments. We offer legal services to residents of St. Tammany, Washington & Tangipahoa Parishes.

Ready to Start Planning the Future?

When considering your future, you also consider the long-term protection and welfare of your family. Your plan can incorporate many aspects of estate planning. You can create a will, which distributes your wealth to family and other beneficiaries to protect their interests in the event of your passing. You can create a power of attorney or living will, which will help you establish a legal guide for your end of life care and funeral arrangements. Trusts can be created to be passed to a child, business, or charitable organization. All of these plans require legal assistance to ensure that they are legitimate, comprehensive, and incontestable.

Our team understands that making these plans can seem daunting or overwhelming. We provide compassionate, attentive care to help you through. By providing the best possible legal advice and guidance, you can make informed decisions about your plans for the future. For a Covington, LA estate lawyer with over 30 years of experience, contact the Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC today for your free initial consultation. We have evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.